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photo series

Travel: My top 5 hotels of 2015

Looking back at 2015, I did a lot of traveling. Here are my top 5 favorite hotels I stayed in. 

1. The Mira Hong Kong (Pictured Above) 
I've probably told about 50 people that the Mira is my absolute favorite hotel in the world. It's not the most expensive, or most luxurious place I've stayed, but it's always my favorite. The decor is the perfect aesthetic, it's across from HK's best shopping, and the customer service is top notch. Maybe it's the fact that both times I stayed here I didn't have my phone turned on internationally, and they let you borrow a working phone during your stay. It's always there, waiting for me in my room, when I get there, the most updated Samsung galaxy with it's amazing camera and instagram already loaded on it and perfect lighting inside the room, and suddenly I'm not so far from home. Comfort level 1000. 

2. amba Taipei Ximending
I love this little gem so much. It's close to tied with my number 1. The only exception is that the rooms are very very minimal, which is cool with me, but it lacks in room amenities. The lower floors, however, are the most beautiful, rustic, settings in Taipei. A restaurant with fresh ingredients displayed, a lounge with full bookcases covering the walls, a bar, a little art gallery in the hall that has very amusing decor, and at the ground level a fun little coffee spot. It's located in the heart of Ximending, which is Taipei's "arts district". Nothing in the US compares to the unique city surrounding this hotel. 

3. The Broadway Plaza New York City
I might be biased about this hotel, because I got upgraded to a suite. But I noted in my hotel booking that I wanted to take photos in the room, so I think they gave me the prettiest one. When I arrived, the lobby plus the elevator was about the size of 2 people and luggage, but when I got to my room, I opened the doors to a corner suite with 2 glass window-lined walls and a perfect view of the city and empire state building. This view was the best I've seen in NYC. The breakfast area is a bit crammed, with everyone trying to get their free coffee, so don't expect a full buffet. But the rooms are nice and clean, located in the flat iron district within walking distance to almost everything.

4. Hotel Nikko Saigon Vietnam 
This hotel is still a bit of a mystery to me, but the strange thing is that every time I stay here, it gets better and better, so I enjoy coming back. This year I got a room on the top floor with an amazing view, and an open floor plan that kind of has the bathtub and sink in the middle of the room. It's hard to explain until you get there, but it's beautiful. It's what I'd consider more of a 'luxury hotel,' compared to my #1-3 which are more boutique/trendy. Marble floors, updated fixtures, glass shower, plush bedding, the works. But the ground level lounge area always makes me sad, for some reason there are always business-people sitting around by themselves, and they look lonely to me, combined with this very sad piano music they have playing. I always want to tell them to change the music, but I never get around to it. 

5. Hyatt Regency New Orleans 
This was my first visit to New Orleans (Nov 2015) so I can't say that this is the best hotel there, since it's the only one I stayed at. But I really liked it. It was remodeled after Katrina, so everything is new and updated. What I liked most was the convenience of having everything you need in the lobby. Great restaurants, bars (these ones have a ton of happy people and good music), a Starbucks, and machines that charge your phone in 30 seconds. If you're staying for business, it's like a constant new discovery of things you need, like "Where can I get some copies made?" "Oh, there's a Fedex office on floor 2." Next time I'd like to stay closer to the French Quarter and find something more unique, but if you want the all-in-one kind of city-within-a-hotel thing this is it. 

Looking forward to new places in 2016 and revisiting some old favorites :) 

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