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10 Things That Instantly Make Women Sexier

Valentine's Day is right around the corner. Ladies, whether you're spending it with your one and only, dating someone new, or just hanging with your girls on the 14th, this post will give you a few tips on how to boost your sex appeal. 

10 Things That Instantly Make Women SEXIER 

10. Smell Good

In addition to good hygiene, smelling good makes you more attractive to others. Obviously don't overspray, too much perfume is bad too. But a little spritz of a new scent can even freshen up a long-time relationship. Studies showed that the smell of black licorice can increase blood flow to the penis by 13 percent. Can't commit to an expensive bottle of Chanel no. 5? SCENTBIRD sends you a designer perfume monthly for $14.95. I love this service. Their little spritzer fits perfectly in your purse, and it's an actual spray, not a rollerball. They offer all the best brand names, and you can switch it up so your man doesn't get numb to your scent. Love it! 

9. Get a Tan

Tan skin makes you look and feel sexy immediately. Not only does it look great, but tan skin also has a slimming effect, which can boost your self confidence. If you're wearing a skimpy dress on V-day, you don't want pale legs to blind your date. I'm a fan of the spray tan, but I also love Sorrel Tan Airbrush Spray Tan Extender & Gradual Self Tanner. It's got natural simple ingredients and won't make you orange. Order online for only $35. 

8. Buy a New Lingerie Set 

Did you know that a bra only lasts for eight months with regular washing? After that, the elastic band no longer supports you. A new bra and panty set not only makes you feel great, but will give you even more lift to make that V-day dress fit just right. Try a sexy set from True & Co . If you're single, take some sexy pics at home and send them to a crush (do it before the 14th!). If you're in a relationship, you don't want to go home and get in bed, then let him take off your clothes to find you in the same damn undies you've been wearing for the past year. Think about it! 

7. Dirty Mouth? Clean it up.

With teeth whitening products being so popular and available now, there's no reason not to try one of the many options out there. Get an at-home whitening kit today so your smile will be brighter for your date, and make sure to smile often. Brush your teeth before you head out (twice!) and bring gum or mints with you. After dinner, chew a piece and offer him some too, so you can share a minty fresh kiss.  

6. Shave

This is very important! Don't forget! He is bound to run his hands up your leg under the table, do not have them feeling like a cactus! Remember to shave before your date, and even better, if you're into laser hair removal make your appointment soon. 

5. Get a Manicure 

Don't show up with half-chipped nails, and if you're going to be wearing heels for the first time in a couple months, don't forget the pedicure. Getting pampered at the salon can be an easy way to relax and feel great. At Black File Nails, not only will they provide a flawless set of claws, they even offer you a glass of wine while you're chillin. 

4. Get New Heels

One of the quickest ways to look and feel sexier? Put on a pair of heels, which will not only lengthen your legs, and bump up your butt, also having your toes visible is a turn on for a lot of guys. Treat yourself to a new pair, especially the latest trends, caged, criss-crossed and lace up heels are super sexy. Order a pair from Public Desire, who now has a US site! Try nude, blush, or white, since you probably already have 10 pairs in black. 

3. Be Confident

Studies show that both men and women are attracted to confidence. A really great way to boost your self-esteem is by deleting a bunch of instagram pages you follow that make you feel bad about yourself. All those bikini-grams, and super skinny models, do you really need those on your feed? Keep the ones who empower you, keep the celebrities that have your same body shape, keep the squat guide that reminds you to do your squats whenever you scroll past it. While you're at it, unfollow all those bitches that don't follow you back. Try Unfollowgram

2. Listen 

Now that you've filtered out your feed, put your phone away. Please for the love of God, do not take out your phone during your Valentine's day date. I don't care how long you've been in your relationship. Ask questions, and listen. Not only will you make your date feel better, it will make you more appealing. Valentine's day might seem like a waste of money and a corporate holiday for businesses to make money, but it's not a waste if you spend the night making someone else feel good. Isn't that what it's really for? Making someone else feel special? Checking your phone is the ultimate way to ruin that special moment. 

1. Show Some Manners!

I asked 10 guys what makes women sexy, before writing this article. The absolute number one thing they said, is just be nice. Well, what does that mean? What makes a girl nice? "Say thank you." "Show courtesy." "Be polite." This guy is taking you out, spending over a hundred bucks on dinner, and dedicating his time to you. Be grateful! Say thank you when he opens the door. Be sweet to the waiter. Don't act like your date is SUPPOSED to do all those things for you, because he could easily be somewhere else. At the end of the night, say something like, "Hey, I really appreciate you taking me out tonight. I had a lot of fun, and I know that you could have spent the night with any other girl, so thanks for spending it with me." Because it's true. A lot of girls expect to be treated like royalty on Valentine's Day. Although every girl deserves to be treated like a queen, every guy also deserves to be treated like a king right back. Remember that. Women often say that chivalry is dead, men are pigs, that kind of stuff. But when was the last time you did something nice for a guy? As women, we need to make sure we stay worthy of what we expect from men. Equality goes both ways. Maybe next week you could take him out on a date for a change.

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