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Maui Trip Recap

I am already having Maui withdrawals! Thanks to Affiniti Cruise Travel for hooking us up with an amazing deal! Click to read more. 

Jason wanted to do something really special for my birthday this year, so he took me to Maui! What an amazing boyfriend, right? 

My friends at Affiniti Cruise Travel got us the absolute best deal possible and I could not be happier with the turn out of our trip. We got a bundle deal (flight + condo + rental car) 5 nights, for less than what we would have paid for most hotels. 

The trip was seamless, and everything was set up for us from the moment we landed on Maui. It saved me so much time booking through Affiniti, because we paid one flat rate and they took care of reserving everything. Hertz rental car at the airport had our car waiting, but we upgraded to the drop-top Jeep. Since we were planning on doing the road to Hana, the all-wheel drive was going to be very necessary, and of course having a drop-top lets you take advantage of the amazing weather.

We arrived at our condo 45 minutes later, Lahaina Shores Beach Resort. Our stay was wonderful, the staff greeted us every morning and night with smiling faces. The concierge is very helpful and helped us book our excursions and rent snorkel gear. The resort is literally right on the sand and has its own very private beach. We would later learn that snorkeling right behind the resort is 1000 times better than snorkeling in the recommended areas!

We spent a couple nights exploring downtown Lahaina (great bars and restaurants within walking distance of the condo). We stopped by Safeway and stocked our fridge with snacks and beers. Locals were all very helpful in suggesting great food and activities, although it wasn't Jason's first time so he knew where to go. Thanks to our friend Ryan's recommendation, Star Noodle was the best meal we had all week. 

We definitely took advantage of every single day we had there, and explored the island to its fullest. We saw a magic show (which was actually very impressive), explored Ka'anapali, and then based on an expert's advice we drove 20 mins to go snorkling in Napili as recommended but the waves there were too big and water was freezing, then later on we went to the private beach right behind the resort and there were NO waves, the water was warmer and we saw tons of fish!

On Thursday we went snorkeling in the Molokini Crater and Turtle Town, which was exhilarating. I would highly recommend investing in this excursion, out of all the activities Maui has to offer, this was the best value. Purchase some Bonine and wristbands so you don't get seasick! They serve food on the boat, and take you way out into the crater where the best snorkeling is located. At Turtle Town, we swam with 5 or 6 turtles who were very friendly and wanted to play. But they will warn you not to touch them, as it's a very big fine, since the turtles can get sick from the natural oils on human hands. The ocean is a galaxy of fish. We got lucky, and the water was as clear as possible. Even the staff was saying the conditions are rarely that good. We even got to experience some great whale watching on the way back. 
Lastly, on Sunday we did the road to Hana. The 'stairway to heaven' and black sand beach is truly a sight to see. If you haven't done the road to Hana before, be prepared for an all-day trip (you should start at 6 a.m.) and wear shoes that you can hike in. Bring snacks in a cooler, and fill your tank up to the rim with gas. We drove the entire way around the island (most people turn around and go back). Having the Jeep was super helpful, it would have been very sketchy in a small car (keep in mind that rental services DO NOT cover the road to Hana if something happens to you or your vehicle). I saw more waterfalls that day than I ever have in my previous years on earth combined.

After coming back to normal life, Los Angeles seems so dull and boring! But people from other places probably think that after vacationing in LA! 

I will definitely book my next vacation with Affiniti Cruise Travel  so I know I'm getting the best deal possible! 

Until next time, Maui~ 

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