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Review: Hydra Vapor Tech Titan 2 Case for Pax2

I tried out the Hydra Vapor Tech Titan 2 aluminum smell-proof case designed for the Pax 2. Check out my unboxing and full review of it here.

If you vape or smoke herb with a vaporizer you've probably noticed that although vaporizers are very discreet, they can sometimes be hard to carry. With something that small, you would think it would be easy to travel with, but sometimes it leaks, sometimes it smells, and where are you supposed to put your charger or your herb? Until Hydra Vapor sent me this case I would literally charge my Pax2 the night before travel, then fill it before taking off for the day. Which left me with, one single charge, and one single bowl to smoke. 

Here is the box it came in. It's very compact. 

Upon opening the product, my first instinct was that it's very heavy and feels durable. It's about the size of a flask, and the aluminum alloy shell also feels similar to metal flask. The rubberized ends keep it sealed tight.

(wearing: Thread Workshop tee and Shop Dixi jewelry)

Now to put my things inside. I took the rubber cap off the end and put my TheWeeknd Pax2 inside. It fit perfectly snug, but was not hard to insert. The charging post fits conveniently in the side, and there's a little compartment for... a couple of buds? 

 (wearing: GJG Denim camo skinny jeans, and nails by Black File Nails) 

The magnetic sliding mechanism makes it really fun to play with. I opened and closed it a few times just for fun. It's very very sturdy. There was even a little dab tool included, which can probably also be used to pack your herb if you don't have long nails like me. 

It is very smell-proof and practical. After using this I realize I haven't been taking care of my things! 
Color shown: Aluminum

 I'd definitely recommend buying this for your Pax2. At a price of about $45 it's a great investment to keep your Pax in perfect shape. Get yours here.

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