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Review: Revive Juice Cleanse

It's true - I drank juices for 3 days and lost 6 pounds. Read my cleanse diary here.

If you live in any metropolitan or growing US city, you've probably heard of Juice Detox Cleansing and Juice Fasting. There are tons of articles on the internet about the pros and cons of juicing, why you should, why you shouldn't, and forums of people arguing back and forth about whether it works. I'm not going to get into that side of the topic, so head over to google if you want to know about the educational side of this.

Now getting to my story, I decided to go on a 3-day juice cleanse. Jason told me he was going to do a 7-day cleanse, and after reading some articles and talking to the staff at our local juice bar, I decided my body could probably handle 3 days without solid food. I ate kinda shitty over Easter weekend and noticed lately my body has been craving fast food, caffeine, alcohol, and all kinds of bad foods more than usual. According to Revive juice bar, most people lost about 6 or 7 pounds after cleaning for 3 days. I figured it couldn't hurt to try, maybe I could lose some weight, cut down my cravings, and reset my body for a new diet.

Most of the bad reviews you read about cleansing claim that the juices contain an overload of sugars and deprive your body of nutrients that it needs. For this reason I do not recommend juicing by yourself using store-bought products. By purchasing regular store-bought juices you may be drinking sugars and preservatives, plus your personal taste will cause you to alter the ingredients (I, personally, would say 'I don't like celery so I'll just use cucumber instead) which can cause you to miss out on many nutrients that you need. Go to a juice bar (such as Pressed Juicery, Juice Served Here, or Revive), and stick to a regiment that is provided for you. Experts have done the research to know what your body needs and how much of it you need to drink to sustain your health and energy.

I got my juices from Revive Juice Bar in Costa Mesa, but many juice bars have similar programs. Also try groupon for a discount.

To put things in perspective, here is my usual schedule:
Monday - Friday: Wake up by 7:00 am, get ready, have breakfast and head to work. At the office from 9:00 - 5:00. I get home around 6:00. In the evening, sometimes I have meetings or errands. If I don't then I work out at the fitness center or do reps at home. Then I cook dinner and make meals for the next day. I am usually in bed by 10:00 watching forensic files, so when you text me at 11:45 I do not respond.

If you think you're too busy to juice or diet, you're wrong!

Day 1 -
8:00: My first juice was an orange based drink, and luckily it was the best tasting one. I was off to a great start, thinking "Wow, this tastes great, I can totally do it!"
12:00: After 2 more juices (every 2 hours) I realized it was going to be difficult. The more veggie-based drinks are bland and chunky, but I was still holding strong.
2:00: When everyone in my office started making lunch, I started to get hungry. The beet juice tasted disgusting, and I started to lose confidence.
7:00: I had a meeting tonight so I didn't get to the gym.
9:00: At the end of the first day, I was feeling hungry and cranky. But luckily the evening juices tasted decent. I went to sleep early so I would stop thinking about food.

Day 2 -
8:00: I woke up.... not hungry. And, I had lost 4 pounds! Wow, 4 pounds in just one day. Feeling energetic, I downed my orange juice and drove to work with the music loud.
2:00: Going strong, but feeling weak and getting random bursts of energy.
4:00: My taste buds are accustomed to the juices, and they are much easier to drink now. I have to mix the beet juice with water, to dilute the flavor, but that's the only one I have any trouble with.
7:00: It feels like mood swings. Sometimes weak and tired, then randomly, I feel great. Sometimes I crave food, then it quickly disappears.
8:00: I hit the gym and do 40 minutes of light cardio, luckily the exercise made my cravings diminish.
10:00: Went to bed with no cravings, and fell asleep quickly.

Day 3 -
8:00: I woke up 1.5 pounds lighter than day 2, and not hungry.
10:00: It is very hard to focus on work. I feel jittery, even though I haven't had any caffeine. My mind won't stay on track.
12:00: Today I'm feeling even less hungry than yesterday. I'm thinking I could actually do this longer than 3 days. What a crazy thought.
3:00: I already know what my first meal will be tomorrow... vegetable soup. Planning on going to the grocery store after work to get some soup ingredients.
7:00: Another 35 minutes of cardio. I'm feeling very mediocre. Somewhat irritable, but not really hungry. If I see pictures of sweet or greasy foods, they look disgusting. Only certain foods are triggering hunger, like bread, pretzels, cooked veggies, potatoes, and soup. I know it will be easy for me to stick to a healthy diet this weekend.
10:00: I made it! Feeling great knowing that I can eat tomorrow!

Day 4 -
8:00: I had lost another .5 lbs overnight for a total of 6 lbs lost. I still wasn't hungry, so I ate a pear for breakfast. It tasted like the most delicious thing ever.

Here is how to deal with the first cravings you will experience:

1. Identify what is causing your cravings. Other people around cooking food? The smell will immediately trigger hunger, so close the door, or go outside, to eliminate the smells. Advertisements on social media with pictures of pizza? Plan to stay off social media and TV for your cleanse. Nobody warned me about this, but I quickly realized that instagram and pinterest are about the worst things you can do while fasting. Close them, and focus on other things like work emails or read a book.
2. Prevent triggers around you. I had to literally close the door to my office so that no one would come in and ask me if I wanted any of their french fries. I stayed off social media, and closed all the windows on my desktop except the ones I was working on.
3. Put yourself on airplane mode. The feeling of frustration from waiting until I could eat again, reminded me of being stuck on a really long flight. As someone who travels often, I'm very familiar with the feeling of being 12 hours into a 14 hour flight, and not being able to think about anything else except getting on the ground. So, immediately I thought of things I would normally do on a plane ride or long car ride. One of my favorite things to take my mind off a long journey is podcasts. So I threw some of my favorite podcasts on at work, and the hours started to fly by again. Listening to people talk always makes the time go by faster for me. Stand-up comedy is great too. If you're doubting me, think about the comparison between how long 3 minutes feels while listening to a 3-minute song, versus how long 3 minutes feels when you're laughing with a friend as they tell you a story. It goes by way faster!


The first day was definitely the hardest. After realizing I didn't need to eat, I started to distinguish the difference between real hunger and my body routinely wanting to eat because it's dinner time. I feel like my stomach shrunk, and in the days after my cleanse I ate much lighter meals, and got full with less food. Everything tasted better once I could eat again, and I realized I was taking advantage of my taste buds by not appreciating my food. I also feel like I have less cravings for greasy, fattening foods, and more cravings for healthy, simple snacks. After losing 6 pounds, I'll definitely do it again sometime. I would highly recommend it!

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