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How to turn any glasses into Prescription Glasses

LENSABL.COM helped me turn my favorite @goldsoulla clear aviator glasses into real prescription glasses! Watch the video and click below for a simple read on how to use it!

How to turn any glasses into Prescription Glasses with LENSABL

1. Sign up with LENSABL.COM and provide some basic info, including your RX, lens type, and shipping information. 

2. LENSABL will send you an empty box with a shipping label. 

3. Put your favorite frames in the box, and drop it in the mail. 

4. LENSABL custom makes your perfect glasses! 

5. You'll receive your perfect glasses in the mail, including some freebies like a cute box and some cleaning tools. 

My Review (Why use Lensabl?): I was super excited to find out about this website because I've always wished certain glasses I had were REAL glasses, but never thought to go out and try to make it happen. Going to the eye doctor is a pain, and who knows how much you end up paying. My doctor would definitely try to talk me into buying some of the lame glasses she sells in her office for $300, and I doubt they'd take my cool aviators and put lenses in them. Oh, the frames are too big, blah blah. With LENSABL, not only do you not have to leave the house and deal with that hassle, they're super open to putting RX in any frames you own! They can even add tint to make your clear frames into sunglasses. It's just awesome. The quality of my glasses is perfect, and now that all my info is stored inside my account, I can do it again next time with some new frames! The whole thing took about 2 weeks to finish, all with the shipping there and back, but it was totally worth the wait for the money that I saved. 

Use my code MANDEE20 to save 20% off your order! 
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