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photo series

Petcube is my favorite new gadget!

Finally, I can call my dog and talk to her when she's at home by herself. What a time to be alive! 
Read my review of Petcube Play below! 

Petcube Play: Why it's the must-have gadget of 2017

You guys know my pup, Spaghetti. She and I have a bond like no other. The love you share for your pet can be greater than human-to-human connections. But have you ever wondered what they do when you're not around? Now I knowwww .... thanks to Petcube!

Mandee & Spaghetti : BFF's 4EV

I was SO excited to try out the Petcube Play. It was super easy to hook up with bluetooth, and basically connected right automatically. I can't believe it's this easy to start having phone calls with my pup!

Sleek & Modern Look

I'm really surprised at how small it is. I put it up on a corner shelf in the kitchen that gives it a full view of my living room. Petcube recommends you keep it at least 3 ft above ground, but I found that up high on a shelf was the prime spot for it, giving me an aerial view of a larger space. 

Aerial view of my Living Room

So I downloaded the Petcube app, and here's what I see on my phone. This shows Spaghetti and me on the couch, but if she's roaming around I can see most of the living room, where she normally plays. You can zoom in, too. The Petcube Play is 1080P, and with natural light the picture is even clearer. It has night vision as well.

Like Instagram for Pets

After messing around with the app a little more, I found out you can watch live videos of other pets! It seemed a little weird to me at first, spying on someone else's house, but the owners are in full control of when the camera is available, so it's not too strange. It's like a live webcam version of "hey send me a pic of your dog." A lot of the live pets are internet-famous too, like White Eyed Rowdy, the adorable black lab who has Vitiligo and helps kids who have Vitiligo too. How awesome is he?!

Petcube Play

When I was at work I tried it out and was able to watch Spaghetti hang out at home. She does a lot of sleeping when she's alone. She was a little confused about the loud noise of my voice at first, and started barking. The echo from her barks on my phone barked back, so she had a barking match with it. I had to turn the volume down lower and then it worked out better. She's not very interactive with it, and doesn't seem to notice the laser toy. But it's great for the security of knowing she's ok when she's by herself. Finally, I can check in on her whenever I want! 

Our new favorite toy

The Petcube Play is definitely a permanent part of my home now. I don't think I could go back to not having one! It doubles as a security system for me, since the app will alert you if there's any sudden noise or movements. With an added subscription service, you can even access recorded history of your camera, for even more security. I can't wait until the Petcube Bites comes out! If the thing was spitting treats out I'm sure spaghetti would be more interested in it. For now I'm just happy being able to see her whenever I miss her! 

Spaghetti & Friend


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